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Start your healing journey 

Christian Women Healing After a Breakup 


Heart Healing Coaching

Breakups are hard. How can you move forward and get over your ex when you miss him so much? Letting go and healing your broken heart may seem impossible to you, but I know that it's not!

I'm Kandice, and I know from experience that healing a deeply broken heart is possible with the right strategies.

Book a session and learn how to partner with God, set healing goals, and take simple steps towards the peace and life you desire! Don't wait, book your one hour session now!

Client Testimonials

“My coaching call with Kandice was transformative in my life. In one hour, I ws able to face head on the one thing I have been running from for four years: my lack of forgiveness. To heal, have peace, and move any further in my life, I have to release the paing that has been shackling me. Kandice provided real like work that I have already implemented into my life along with deepening my relationship with God. In doing this, I know my self-confidence will boost, my trust will be restored, and my heart will heal."


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